PBL Project Resources

Click on the images to read about each project and to contribute to the conversations in the comments section below each page.

All the PBL projects are interdisciplinary in nature, and as such need not be limited to the one subject. Each includes an “Adapting to Other Subjects & Contexts” section, with suggestions that you may find useful for your particular classes or that may trigger some great new ideas which we can develop together in the comments section of the project page. I encourage you to click on all projects, regardless of the subject, to discover the potential for your classes.

Also check out the “Teacher Reflection” section for each project and share similar situations you’ve experienced in your projects and learning activities.


C’era una volta (Once Upon a Time) | The Italian Picture Book Project


Fashion Therapy | The Positive Psychology Design Challenge


Bar Rizzo | The Cafe` Redesign


School Without Boarders:Project Student | Students take over the school for a week


Stewards of Creation | The Stop-Motion Project


APPena atterati (Just Landed)  | Mobile Phone Application Project


Reimagining Popular Games for a NSW Context | The Prejudice Project


Practise What You Preach| The Service Learning Project


Bringing Back the Dead | The eBook Hologram Project


 The Coding Project | Programming a cartoon in a foreign language