Site Purpose

twitter-photoMy name is Celinda Corsini. I am a secondary teacher, blended learning expert and PBL practioner. I have created this website to share my PBL projects with educators everywhere to spread PBL ideas, but more importantly, to spark new ones through the conversations I hope you will start and join in the comments section below each page. When I am planning a PBL I discuss it with as many people as I can, and I always find that the original idea grows and improves with each conversation.


What you will find

For each project I have included a project description,  a section with suggestions for adapting to other subjects & contexts (PBL projects can easily be modified to suit different contexts) and a teacher reflection (which I write after I complete each PBL experience). Many projects also include student reflections (which I recommend you do after, and even during, every single project), assessment rubrics that have been co-constructed with students,  and hurdle tasks or milestones to assist students along the way.

Curriculum Outcomes

In my teaching I push the boundaries of conventional education and teach more than just the curriculum. My projects reflect this: they obviously tick subject outcomes, but I view the subject and topics as the context of the project. My main objectives are teaching future skills, thinking dispositions, and critical, innovative and creative thinking, as these skills are essential for our students’ futures and can be applied to any field they choose.


I would like to thank and acknowledge my colleague and friend Jake Plaskett, PBL expert from the world-renowned PBL School  High Tech High, San Diego, for coaching and mentoring me through my PBL learning journey and supporting me through many of the projects presented on this site.

I would also like to thank my colleague and friend Kelly Hollis, educational blogger and STEM enthusiast, for inspiring me to share what I do in the classroom with other educators, as she does daily through her social media posts and blogs on science education.